Active Logic, Metacognitive Computation, and Mind
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Toward Human-Level Cognitive Adequacy
Our long-range aim is to design and implement common sense in a computer. Click here for details.

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If you would like to learn more about Active Logic, we suggest you start with one of our primers.


  • Alfred.

  • Real-time planning with deadlines.

  • Noting and resolving misidentification errors..

  • Noting and resolving contradictions.

  • Presuppositions in natural language.

  • Agents with commonsense.

  • Conversational Adequacy.

  • Learning new words and new meanings for old words.

  • Metacognitive control of robotic learning.

  • Instructable window-management and automated programming.

  • Identification of metalinguistic aspects in NL corpora.

  • Reasoning about others' reasoning.

  • Explaining past behavior.

  • Changing one's mind.

  • Taking advice.

  • Web Accessibility