Drawing routines

Source code : Use unzip

This contains the following:

Using the drawing routines:
First use 'make all' to produce the two executables 'showquad' and 'printquad'. These two are stand-alone applications that pick up a text dump created by your code and display the quadtree. To create the text-dump, use the drawing routines defined in 'drawing_c.h'. The documentation in the header should be useful. Once you have created the text dump (it need not have the .txt extension), 'showquad dump.txt' should display the quadtree on the screen. Use 'printquad dump.txt > dump.ps' to generate a postscript file for printing.

Here is a sample input for printquad and showquad that should display a pm1 quadtree with two lines in it.

User options for showquad

User options for printquad