University of Maryland CMSC 452: Elementary Theory of Computation, Fall 2001 
TuTh...9:30pm- 10:45am (CLB 0109) 
Instructor  : Prof. R. E. Miller
        E-mail: miller at cs dot umd dot edu 
Office Hours  :  (AVW4169)
                Tuesday : 11:00am - 12:00pm
                Thursday: 11:00am - 12:00pm
                or by appointment
  Teaching Assistant: Haw-ren Fang
           E-mail: hrfang at cs dot umd dot edu
        Office Hours: AVW TA discussion room (1151)
                      Tuesday  :  3:30pm - 5:00pm
                      Thursday:  3:30pm - 5:00pm 

Schedule [PS][PDF]
  • [9-25-2001]: Homework 3 due-date delayed to 9-27-2001 due to classes being cancelled Tuesday 9-25-2001.
    Hope all of you avoided injury in the storm.
  • [10-7-2001]: Revised solutions of homework 3 and homework 4 are put below.
    Please download them for study. And good luck for the midterm.
  • [11-8-2001]: The TA will put the solutions of homework 7 on the web this weekend.
    Late homework 7s must be put in TA's mailbox by 4:00pm on Friday.
  • [11-10-2001]: Solutions of homework 7 has been put below. You may download it for study. The TA's office hour next Thursday (11/15) will be postponed 1 hour to be 4:30-6:00pm. Good luck for 2nd midterm.
  • [12-3-2001]: All the regrading of homework 1 to homework 7 must be done by this Friday (12/7). If you cannot meet me(TA) in my office hours, please send me an email to make an appointment on Friday afternoon.
  • [12-10-2001]: [By TA] Today is the last day of my office hours. If you want to request regrading your homework 8, please make an appointment with me on this Friday.
  • [12-14-2001]: Revised solutions of homework 9 has been put below. Good luck for the final.
    [Updated by TA, 12-15-2001] I rephased some sentences of the suggested solutions of homework 9. You may re-download it.

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