CMSC 735

A Quantitative Approach to Software Management and Engineering

Fall 2001

Professor:  Victor R. Basili

Monday and Wednesday 10-11:30 a.m.

AV Williams Building, Room 3258

Class Schedule/Outline



Assignments (pdf version)                 Due Date

Assignment 1


October 8, 2001
Assignment 2 - Description
  1. Role Assignment for each team
  2. Use Case PBR Technique
  3. Use Case PBR Technique (observer version w/room for notes)
  4. Form A
  5. Form B
  6. Defect Report Form
10:00am in class

October 24, 2001


Assignment 3 November 12, 2001
Assignment 4 November 21, 2001
Assignment 5 December 5, 2001


Lectures (pdf version)

Resource Models and Metrics
Change and Defect Models and Metrics
Process Models and Metrics
Product Models and Metrics (references to come)
Product Models and Metrics - OO
Reading Techniques (Jeff Carver)
Measurement Frameworks
Measurement Frameworks Part 2
Organizational Frameworks
Experimentation (A)
Experimentation (B)
Software Engineering Laboratory (Draft)
Resource Model Studies (Draft)
Defect Studies (Draft)
Software Engineering Research (Draft)
Discussion of Classroom Experiment (Jeff Carver)

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