CMSC 298P (Introduction to Graphical Programming)

An introduction to output using the Java language and the Swing library. Students will be taught the very basics of the Java language and will implement small programs to demonstrate concepts covered in class. In place of exams each student will give a presentation on a topic arranged with the instructor. Attendance and class participation will part of the course requirements.

The course may only be taken pass/fail. This is a 1 credit course not intended for students who have completed or are currently enrolled in CMSC 330 or any other higher level CMSC programming course.

To receive permission to register for CMSC 298P please meet with either Mr. Maybury or Mr. Padua-Perez during any of their posted advising hours or email   The CMSC advising schedule can be found at:

The CMSC 298P class location will be announced here and will take place from 4-5pm on Thursday afternoons.

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