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Project #1

Due Sunday, Oct. 13, 11:59 PM (just before midnight)
Late Due Date Sunday, Oct. 20, 11:59 PM (just before midnight)

Posted: September 27, 2002


Read this section frequently to check for updates/corrections/clarifications to the projects. There will be some, because the project description is rather rough right now. However, the methods should be more or less correct.


The goals of the project are:

Academic Integrity Statement

Please note that *all* programming projects in this course (including this one) are to be done independently or with the assistance of the instructional staff of this course only, unless otherwise specified IN PRINT by official webpages.

Please review the policies outlined on the class syllabus concerning the use of class computer accounts and concerning the University's Code of Academic Integrity. The instructors of this course will review the programs submitted by students for potential violations of the Code of Academic Integrity and if it is believed that a violation has occurred it will be referred to the Office of Judicial Programs and the Student Honor Council.

Hardcoding is considered a violation of academic integrity

Collaboration Policy

This project should be done invidividually. You may discuss ideas, but not exchange or view each other's code.


You will be given a file called Convert.h and Register.h. The specifications are in the following link.

Convert Specification

Register Specification

(10/5 NOW READY)

Implement the methods. You may add helper methods, if you want.




You may use STL or any other features you want, provided it compiles and runs under either cxx or g++. A driver will be provided, so you can submit.

How to Submit

A driver will be provided soon to partly test your code. Details will be provided soon.

See the class syllabus for policies concerning email
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