SPIM Download Instruction:


Go to http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~larus/spim.html and download source code depending on the platform you wish to use. Windows user’s download the executable file pcspim.zip. Unzip the file and run setup.exe. Unix users download the (.gz) file.


Instructions to install on WAM account:


After downloading the file spim.tar.gz,

  1. %gunzip spim.tar.gz


This should create a file called spim.tar


  1. % tar –xvf spim.tar

This will create a directory called spim-6.4.


  1. %cd spim-6.4
  2. %mkdir bin
  3. %mkdir man
  4. %mkdir trap


Open the “Imakefile” using any editor and change the path name for TRAP_DIR, MAN_DIR, and BIN_DIR to point to the directories we just created.


EX: TRAP_DIR =  /homes/username/spim-6.4/trap


  1. %Configure
  2. %xmkmf
  3. %make
  4. %make xspim
  5. %make install
  6. %make test


Refer to the README file if you have trouble.

To run the test files on the website:


  1. %cd spim-6.4
  2. %xspim
  3. Use the load button to load the program.
  4. Press the run button
  5. A window should pop up with the result.





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