Homework 2 typo list

You can safely ignore the phrase:

"Numeric data will be listed in a format 123.45. (That is, numbers are rounded to two places after the decimal point and there are as many digits before the decimal point as are needed, with no 0-padding.) You may assume that all numbers are in the range [-10,000 ... 10,000], with at most two digits after the decimal point."

In description of the "add" function, add the phrase:

"Duplicates are defined in a case-sensitive way. A call to add() function with arguments that differ only on the capitalization of one of the arguments, should add a new record to the database. The only case a record is not added, is when all the arguments are exacly the same (case-sensitive) to the fields of an existing record."

In "searchByStudent" paragraph:

Replace "sender" with "student".

In "details" paragraph:

You can safely ignore the phrase describing numerical output.

In "searchByBookTitle" paragraph:

"matching address" should be "matching title" and "order by address" should be "order by title".

In "searchBy..." paragraph:

"searchbyPublisher" should be "searchByPublisher".

In "searchByLoanTimeRange" paragraph:

"and no earlier than bar" should be "and no later than bar".

In "searchByLoanTimeExpr" paragraph:

"between 2:00:00pm and 2:59:59pm" should be "between 2:00:00am and 2:59:59am"

In "searchByLoanTimeExpr" paragraph:

"*-01-2001 02-*-*" should be "2001-01-* 02-*-*", and "January 2000" should be "January 2001".