CMSC 735

A Quantitative Approach to Software Management and Engineering

Fall 2002


Professor:    Victor R. Basili

Tuesday and Thursday  9:30-10:45am

Computer Science Instructional Center, Room 2118 (adjacent to AV Williams Bldg)


  1. Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research by Donald Campbell and Julian Stanley (1966)
  2. The Goal/Question/Metric Method by Rini van Solingen and Egon Berghout  (1999)

Supplemental Outside Reading (this list will be continuously updated throughout the course)

Class Schedule/Outline



Assignments (pdf version)                       Due Date

Assignment 1

October 15, 2002

Assignment 2a - Handed out in class on 10/1.  If you were absent contact Jeff Carver -

October 10, 2002

Assignment 2b - Will be handed out in class on 10/10.

October 15, 2002

Assignment 3

November 5, 2002

Assignment 4 November 19, 2002
Assignment 5 December 10, 2002


Lectures (pdf version)

Resource Models and Metrics
Product Models and Metrics
Product Models and Metrics 2 (Dr. Lindvall)
Change and Defect Models and Metrics
Process Models and Metrics
Improving Software Inspections by Using Reading Techniques (Jeff Carver)
Measurement Frameworks
Measurement Frameworks Part 2
Organizational Frameworks
Experimentation (A)
Experimentation (B)
Experimental Discussion (Jeff Carver)
CMMI (Mike Stark)
The Software Engineering Laboratory
Resource Model Studies
Studies of Defects
Software Engineering Research