Human-Computer Interaction
CMSC 434/828S
Fall 2002
Prof. François Guimbretière (sec. 0101)
Project #3
Due November 14, 2002


User testing


The project #3 is a continuation of Project #2. Its main purpose is to give you hands-on experience applying some of qualitative evaluation concepts we discussed in class.

What you have to do

For project #3, your group will design and conduct a qualitative evaluation of the system you built as Project #2. More specifically you will have to:


Keep your project in a 3-ring binder. Major sections should be indicated by index tabs. Your final portfolio should contain: 


Grades will be based on the quality and sophistication of the design of your protocol as well as the quality of your analysis (see above). We strongly recommend that you consult either the TA or the instructor before starting to run the experiment so that you can be sure to get the most out of the data you will collect.