Human-Computer Interaction
CMSC 434/828S
Fall 2002
Prof. François Guimbretière (sec. 0101)
Project #4
Due December 12, 2002


Final Implementation


This project is a continuation of the interface your group designed for Project #1, implemented in Project #2 and user tested in Project #3. For project #4 you will create a robust system that implements a convincing set of your system functionalities.

What you have to do


For this project, you have to choose the specifics of how to implement your project within certain limits.


Since you will need to give it to another team to evaluate (as part of project #3) and demonstrate your project in class (as part of project #4), all projects must be able to run under Windows 2000 (or NT), or Windows 98. You can expect that the machine you will be running your project on will have a Java 2 virtual machine, and can execute Flash web pages. Finally you can expect the computer to have at least a CD-ROM drive.


You are free to pick any programming languages (C++, Virtual Basic, C#, Java, Flash...) and development environment you wish as long as the resulting program runs on the configuration described under the Platform section.


Keep your project in a 3-ring binder. Major sections should be indicated by index tabs. Your final portfolio should contain: 


Grades are based on the quality and sophistication of the evolving design, implementation, and the written submissions. Remember that you are creating both a horizontal and vertical prototype - the balance between the two depends on your design. It should contain enough 'meat' to show what it would be like to interact with the real thing. Grades are not based on the complexity of underlying application code that have little to do with the interface.

You are emphatically cautioned against biting off more than you can chew! A modest carefully implemented project often scores much higher than an ambitious project that is not well done. Start immediately! The best groups start early, plan activities, divide the work logically, and communicate well.