CMSC 433, Fall 2003

Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms


Lectures will generally be available on-line shortly after the class meets.

Date Subject Slides (Porter) Slides (Hicks) Reading Notes
September 2 Introduction PDF PDF
September 4 Java Review PDF PDF Liskov, ch 1 and 2
September 9 Liskov, ch 4
September 11 Testing and Specifications PDF PDF Liskov, ch 9 and 10
September 16 JUnit java docs, usage info
September 18 University closed
September 23 Junit Examples
September 25 Design Patterns PDF (PDF 6-up) PDF (PDF 6-up) Liskov, ch 6 and ch 15 parameteric polymorphism slides (6-up)
September 30 PDF (PDF 6-up)
October 2 PDF (PDF 6-up)
October 7 PDF (PDF 6-up) PDF (PDF 6-up)
October 9
October 14 PDF (PDF 6-up) PDF (PDF 6-up)
October 16 Refactoring PDF (PDF 6-up) PDF (PDF 6-up) Example (6-up) Refactoring info
October 21 Midterm Exam Review Outline of topics
October 23 Midterm Exam
October 28 Threads PDF (6-up) PDF (6-up) Threads tutorial
TIJ Chap. 13
Sample Alarm code
October 30 PDF (6-up) PDF (6-up)
November 4 PDF (6-up) PDF (6-up)
November 6 PDF PDF Threaded versions of P1 Dispatcher class
November 11 PDF (PDF 6-up)
November 13 PDF 1 (PDF 1, 6-up)
November 18 Java puzzlers PDF
November 20 RMI PDF (PDF 6-up) PDF (PDF 6-up) RMI Tutorial Sample App RMI code (updated 12/2)
November 25 PDF (PDF 6-up) PDF (PDF 6-up)
December 2 Special topics Scalable Servers
December 4 swing components, swing event handling Swing examples. Slides and code examples taken from here
December 9 reflection Swing tutorial
December 11 Final Review outline (see also the midterm review, above)

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