CMSC 433, Fall 2003

Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms

Project Submission Instructions

The submit software is up and running.

Get the software need need from ~mwh/useMeToSubmit on linuxlab.

For example, if your account is cs433060, go to the directory ~mwh/useMeToSubmit/cs433060 and copy your own, personalized Submit.jar file to a place in your own directory.

To use it, just give a command like:

java -jar ~/Submit.jar 1 *.java

The first argument 1 is the assignment number, and the remaining arguments are the .java files to submit.

You can put the Submit.jar file wherever you want, and it should work on any system that has Java 1.4+. So you can submit directly from your home computer or laptop.

You can submit as often as you like. See the syllabus for more details.

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