CMSC 434/828S: Human Factors in Computer and Information Systems

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In class we saw how information representation techniques could make trends more obvious when well chosen by looking at examples using the Shuttle Challenger. Here's a New York Times article about Shuttle Columbia that discusses some similar presentation issues.
Homework 4 grades have been sent out via e-mail.
Regular office hours have ended. I will be in my office Friday between noon and 2:00, and Monday between noon and 2:00. You can bring your project 4 portfolios to me at those times.
As we grade things, I will update this page and will send you e-mail with the grading information. I hope to have all grading completed by Friday December 19th.
Project 4 has been posted and is due by Monday December 15th at 2:00pm.
Incorrect Password: When you enter an incorrect password in the Windows 2000 login dialog, an error dialog pops up. One of the things is tells you to do is make sure the CAPS LOCK isn't on. Question: Couldn't Windows check this itself and adapt the error message if needed?
The Seti@Home program displays a dialog box when you need to connect to get a new dataset. You can "Connect Now" or "Connect Later". There is a "don't ask me again" checkbox similar to the "remember..." checkbox from the SSH presentation. If you check that box, the "Connect Later" option is disabled:

What are your thoughts on applying this solution to the SSH "cancel" issue?

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