CMSC 131 - Object-Oriented Programming I

Fall 2004

Lecture Supplements

This page has links to the lecture note supplements. The lectures are subdivided into chapters, and each chapter will correspond to roughly 1-2 actual lectures. We will try to make these supplements available at least two full days before each lecture. (But sometimes we get behind.)

These supplements are something of a new experiment. We have decided not to make the full text of the lecture notes available to students. This is because we want students to be actively involved during the lectures, and writing your own notes helps. Further, expressing things in your own words will make it much easier for you to recall the material later when studying for exams. In order to reduce the amount of material you need to copy we provide the supplements below, which contain the general outline of the lecture, and include the code fragments. Also see the Code Snippets Page for Java source code from class, which you can download.

We provide the supplements in two formats. One is a pdf file, which you can print, bring to class and write on directly. The other is a Word file, which you can download and edit. Of course, you are welcome to do things the "good old-fashioned way" and just take your own notes.

If you find these useful, or if you have suggestions on how we can make these supplements more useful, please send email to Dave Mount.

Dates Chapter Title PDF Word
(No notes)
08/30 Mon
Course Introduction    
Chapt 1
09/01 Wed
Introduction to Computer and Programming Systems pdf word
Chapt 2
09/03 Fri
Overview of Java pdf word
Chapt 3
09/08 Wed
09/10 Fri
Variables, Operators, and Control Flow pdf word
Chapt 4
09/10 Fri
09/13 Mon
More on Variables, Operators, and Types pdf word
Chapt 5
09/15 Wed
09/17 Fri
Introduction to Objects pdf word
Chapt 6
09/20 Mon
09/22 Wed
09/24 Fri
Introduction to Classes and Methods pdf word
Chapt 7
09/27 Mon
Program Design and Development pdf word
Chapt 8
09/29 Wed
10/01 Fri
More about Methods pdf word
Chapt 9
10/04 Mon
System Design pdf word
Chapt 10
10/06 Wed
10/08 Fri
Classes II pdf word
Chapt 11
10/11 Mon
Interfaces pdf word
Chapt 12
10/13 Wed
10/15 Fri
Interfaces and the Picture Library pdf word
Chapt 13
10/18 Mon
Control Flow Revisited pdf word
Chapt 14
10/20 Wed
10/22 Fri
Arrays pdf word
Chapt 15
10/25 Mon
10/27 Wed
Arrays II pdf word
Chapt 16
10/29 Fri
GUI Programming Concepts pdf word
Chapt 17
11/01 Mon
11/03 Wed
Random Thoughts and Strings pdf word
Chapt 18
11/03 Wed
11/05 Fri
Comments and Documentation pdf word
Chapt 19
11/05 Fri
Multidimensional Arrays pdf word
Chapt 20
11/08 Mon
Packages pdf word
Chapt 21
11/10 Wed
Miscellany pdf word
Chapt 22
11/12 Fri
Exceptions pdf word
Chapt 21
11/15 Mon
Miscellany (Note: same file as 11/10) pdf word
Chapt 23
11/17 Wed
11/19 Fri
(Updated: Fri 11/19, 10:50am)
pdf word
Chapt 24
11/22 Mon
11/24 Wed
11/29 Mon
Inheritance II
(Updated: Wed 11/24, 11:50am)
pdf word
Chapt 25
11/29 Mon
System Design II - Dynamic Systems
and State-Transition Diagrams
pdf word
Chapt 26
12/01 Wed
12/03 Fri
Interfaces II
(Updated: Fri 12/03, 11:50am)
pdf word
Chapt 27
12/03 Fri
12/06 Mon
12/08 Wed
Sorting and Searching
(Updated: Wed 12/08, 1:40pm)
pdf word
Chapt 28
12/10 Fri
Final Review pdf word

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