CMSC 412

Operating Systems

Fall 2004


Dr. Michael Hicks Dr. Ashok Agrawala
mwh cs umd edu
MW 2:00-3:15pm CSI 3120
TuTh 2:00-3:15pm CSI 3120
4131 AVW
4149 AVW
M 9-11, F 11-12
TW 2-4pm (finals week)
Teaching Assistants

Iulian Neamtiu Serge Koren Mike Kobyakov
Lab (CSI 2107)
W 12:00-12:50pm W 1:00-1:50pm M 1:00-1:50pm
All office hours in LinuxLab (3107 CSI)
Tu 4:00-6:00PM W 8:00-10:00AM   
Tu 12:30-2:30  W 3:30-5:30   
M 11:00-1:00  Th 12:30-2:30   

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Hot News

  • Hicks' Office hours TW 2-4pm finals week.
  • Project 6 posted, due Friday, December 10th.

Note that Lab will be meeting three times per week.  You can attend any or all of the lab sessions listed above.

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