CMSC412 - Project #0

  • Grading Criteria
  • Programming Assignment
  • Running GeekOS
  • Submission Instructions

  • Slides used in recitation
  • Cyclone vs C examples

  • Grading Files
  • Header, Source, Object, and Sample Data Files

  • project0-cyclone.tgz
  • fonts (These need to be on your glue/wam account if your are logging in remotely)
  • There is info about running the development environment on Windows available on the GeekOS web site. For the purposes of this class, this is an unsupported configuration. The professors and TAs do not have the time to help students getting this environment to run.

    Mailing List

    Finally, we have created a mailing list for Cyclone-related questions for CMSC 412 projects. Go to to sign up.

    Web Accessibility