CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Fall 2005

Fear the Turtle!


IMPORTANT:   The final exam is in room CHM1407 on Friday 12/16 at 4:00PM.

12/12/05   A couple people asked me to post the examples of Linear Search and Binary Search (and the related test cases) that were demonstrated in the Lab session last week. I have posted them to your CVS repositories as "SearchingLab".

12/10/05   Project 8 observation: If you are using the "drawRect" method to draw your shapes, you may experience trouble with the "Shifting" decoration (you may not see the diagonal lines). I suggest switching over and using drawLine, unless you can come up with another work-around.

12/10/05  [Message from Nelson Padua-Perez]   

    Looking for homeschooled CS students. If you were a homeschooled student could you drop me a line ( I would like to make a presentation for homeschooled students I would appreciate your feedback/help with this presentation. Thanks, Nelson.

12/10/05   The class wiki seems to be down today. I've notified the system administrators and I'm sure it will be operational again soon.

12/01/05   Project 8 has been posted! Please read the project description IMMEDIATELY.

11/29/05   Fawzi's office hours today (Tuesday) are cancelled.

11/21/05   Computer Science Majors: Check out the new Computer Science Major Forum

11/17/05   Project 7 has been posted! I hope you don't spend as much time implementing it as I did! :)

11/16/05   Fawzi's office hours today are cancelled.

11/13/05  [Message from Nelson Padua-Perez]   

    As part of the Department of Computer Science's recruiting effort, I will be visiting high schools in MD/VA/DC to encourage students to pursue undergraduate education in computer science and to inform them about the high school program we have ( If you still keep in touch with some of your high school teachers tell them that I will be glad to visit their schools. They can contact me directly (e-mail: to coordinate the visit. Thanks. Nelson

11/2/05   An error was made on the grading of quiz #5. If you lost points for not setting some of the array elements to 0, then your grade needs to be adjusted. (Arrays of ints are automatically initialized to 0 in Java.) If you lost points for this, please return your quiz#5 to your TA during discussion on or before Wednesday 11/07/05.

10/31/05   Project #6 has been posted. This project may be the longest one you will have this semester. You have two weeks to complete it; please do not wait until the second week to start -- if you do, you might not finish it in time.

10/26/05  [Message from Nelson Padua-Perez]   

    Over the winter I will be teaching two courses: one in C++ (for majors) and one in JavaScript (for non-majors). The web sites for the courses are:
These courses will be offered if we have enough people registered for them so the sooner you can register the better. Please let your friends know about these course offerings. Thanks. Nelson

10/20/05   Project #5 has been deployed! Read the project description right away -- it is a bit lengthy.

10/19/05   For some reason the most recent lecture examples that I tried posting to your CVS repositories went to some students but not others. To get around the problem, I posted the most recent projects (Lec18Examples and Lec20Examples) to your CVS repositories outside of the "LectureExamples" directory. I will continue to post them this way to avoid problems in the future.

10/10/05   Project 4 has been posted.

10/10/05   If you are having trouble submitting projects from the glue/wam labs, try launching eclipse by running the newer version, which has been installed as: /pub/nelsonp/eclipseLauncher

10/03/05   Note that Fawzi's weekly office hours have been modified slightly. (See the "Contact" link for the official times.)

9/28/05   Project 3 has been posted. Despite my repeated warnings, a few people started project 2 late, and didn't get it done on time. Please don't make that mistake on this one!

9/20/05   Mark your calendars! Midterm #1 will be Wednesday 10/12 during your lab session. Midterm #2 will be Wednesday 11/16 during your lab session.

9/20/05   Good news! You can now work on your projects using Eclipse in any Glue or Wam lab on campus! For information, please visit

9/20/05   Project 2 has been posted. Click on the "Projects" link for information. Sorry I couldn't post it Monday night as I had promised -- my internet connection was flaky. I posted it at 9:30 Tuesday morning. I changed the due date by 1 day to reflect the slightly later posting time. Start the project early!

9/13/05  [Message from Nelson Padua-Perez]   

    The AWC will be doing Salsa Dancing classes every other Thursday starting on Sep 15 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in CSI 1122. No previous experience necessary and no partner necessary. If you can read this: "System.out.println("Hello"), then you can dance!

9/9/05   Project 1 has been posted. Click on the "Projects" link for information.

9/9/05   At this point, everyone in the class should have a class account (even people who have been on wait-lists). If you have not already done so, please click on the "Grades" link to obtain your class account login ID and password.

9/8/05   Fawzi Emad's office hours will be cancelled Friday 9/9/05. Please don't forget that there are TA's available on Fridays from 10:00 to 2:00 in room 1112 A.V. Williams.

9/7/05   The class wiki should be accessible to everyone now. Please login and look around. (Use your class account and password to get in.)

9/01/05  [Message from Nelson Padua-Perez]   

    Dear students:

    I would really appreciate it if you can spread the word about a high school program we have in the Dept of Computer Science for students interested in computer science/computer programming. Currently, we are accepting applications for this Fall (the program starts on Oct 1). The program's web site is: In addition, I would like to inform you that we have set a mailing list to provide general information (e.g., classes, seminars, competitions, etc.) to high school students and high school administrators interested in computer science/computer programming. Information about the mailing list is available at:

8/28/05  Class begins on Wednesday, 8/31. HOWEVER, the discussion session will be cancelled that day. Please be sure to attend the lecture as usual on 8/31 -- only the discussion is cancelled.

8/19/05  Be sure to check this page from time to time (I recommend daily) for important course announcements.  The more recent messages will appear at the top of the page.

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