CMSC 330, Fall 2005

Organization of Programming Languages

  • Dec 19. Project 6 grades were computed using the wrong deadline. That's fixed now.
  • Dec 19. Project 6 grades are out. Secret tests here. Read posting on newsgroup for explanation about grades.
  • Dec 13. Some new concurrency practice problems from old exams are now posted on the Homeworks page.
  • Dec 12. (updated (again!)) Find secret tests here. In order to run then you will need to have JUnit installed.
  • Dec 12. Quiz 5 answers and grades are finally up. You can breathe now. Be sure to come to section for a brief exam review as well as to pick up your quizzes.
  • Dec 9. Class today is cancelled for all sections, in order to keep the lectures in sync. Instead, Jeff will hold office hours from 1-2pm. Please see the newsgroup for important announcements.
  • Nov 28. The final exam (for all sections combined) will be Thursday, December 15, 4-6pm in CSI 1115. Please let us know immediately if you have a conflict with this time.
  • Nov 21. Online course evaluations will be available for 330 (and all your other CMPS courses) from 11/22-12/13. Please take the time to fill out your evaluation before the last day of classes.
  • Nov 21. Project 5 posted.
  • Nov 13. Nelson Padua-Perez will be visiting area high schools to tell students and teachers about the Passport program. If you're from the area and keep in touch with your high school teachers, please let them know Nelson would be glad to visit. They can contact him directly at nelson AT cs dot umd dot edu.
  • Nov 10. Quiz 4 answers posted. Please check the exams page.
  • Notes on grammars (discussion section Oct31) have been posted here.
  • Find secret tests for project 3 here.
  • Nov 1, wee hours. Another installment of the Java tutorial is up.
  • Oct 29. The date of the second midterm, Monday November 14 during section, is confirmed.
  • Oct 29. Quiz 3 grades posted. Solution is on the exams page.
  • Oct 25. Project 4 posted. This is probably the hardest project so far, so please start early.
  • Oct 17. Project 2 graded.
  • Oct 17. Part 2 of the Java Tutorial is posted.
  • Oct 14, wee hours. Quiz #2 grades are posted on the grades server. Quiz #2 solutions are posted on the exams page in PDF, password-protected.
  • Oct 12. Project #3 is now posted.
  • Oct 6. P1 secret tests posted
  • Sep 30. Part 1 of a Java Tutorial is posted (click ``Java Tutorial'' on the menu). If you took the old course sequence and are unfamiliar with Java, we highly recommend reading through the tutorial starting now.
  • Sep 28. Project #2 is now posted. Since you're responsible for OCaml for the midterm, doing much of the project now will be a good way to learn it.
  • Sep 28. Practice exams from recent semesters have been posted; keep in mind what was said in lecture about their applicability.
  • Sep 22. The quiz has been graded and the grades should be visible on the grade server. In addition, you can find the solutions under the Exams link on the menu. They are password-protected.
  • Sep 21. The date of the first midterm, Monday October 3 during section, is confirmed.
  • Sep 16. Project #1 is now posted. This is a challenging project, so start now. Homework #1 has also been posted.
  • Sep 12. In the command to create the symbolic link (Task 5, page 4) in Project #0, "fall05" in the middle of the pathname should actually read "fall2005". This has been corrrected in the project assignment.
  • Sep 12. Tomorrow (Tue, Sep 13), Jeff's hours hours are moved to 12-1:30pm.
  • Sep. 8. A typo in Project #0 has been fixed (PATH was missing {}'s).
  • Sep. 7. Project #0 has been posted, in Postscript and PDF format, on the class webpage. You need the ID and password given in lecture to access it. Note that some Ruby topics which are either needed, or could be useful in solving the project, in particular arrays and code blocks, will be covered in lecture on Friday. You can read about these features on your own in the interim using the links on the Resources page.
  • Sep. 2. The introductory slides (under the Lectures link) for the first lecture have been updated to include the remaining slides, which we finished today in class, and the Ruby slides we covered today have also been posted.
  • Sep 1. If you know any high school students interested in computer science, please tell them about the department's Passport high school program.
  • August 31. Slides from today's lecture are now posted on the Lectures page. Note that OIT's printers (in the OIT dispatch room) cannot handle PDF files, so don't try to send the lecture slides to the OIT printers.
  • August 31. If you don't have one already, you should request a Glue account right away.
  • August 31. Welcome to CMSC 330!

Online course evaluations may be filled out 11/22-12/13.

Midterm 1(Confirmed) Monday, October 3 (during section)
Midterm 2(Confirmed) Monday, November 14 (during section)
Final ExamThursday, December 15, 4:00-6:00pm, CSI 1115
Name Office E-mail Office Hours
Jeff Foster 4129 AVW jfoster at cs Tu 10:30-12, Wed 12-1:30
Larry Herman 1111 AVW larry at glue Mon 10-10:50, Wed & Fri 4-5
Nik Swamy 1112 AVW nswamy at glue Tu 12-1, Wed 10-11, Thu 11-1
Asad Sayeed 1112 AVW asayeed at glue Mon 4-6, Tu 2-3, Wed 3-4
Denis Filimonov 1112 AVW den at glue Mon 12-1, Tu & Thu 3:30-4:30, Fri 12-1
George Caragea 1112 AVW gcaragea at glue Thu 2:30-3:30, Fri 2-3

Important information

Office Hours As posted, plus available by appointment
Textbooks There are no required or recommended texts. See the resources page for on-line links.
Syllabus All course policies and procedures are described in the syllabus
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