CMSC 420-0101: CMSC420 Data Structures (Fall 2005)

Contact Information

Instructor:    Prof. Hanan Samet   <hjs{at}>
A. V. Williams Building, Room 4425
CMSC, Univ. of Maryland
College Park, MD 20741
Teaching Assistant:    Jagan Sankaranarayanan <jagan{at}>
A. V. Williams Building, Room 4431

Course Information

Class Timings: Tue-Thu 2:00pm - 3.15pm
Location: CSI1122
Instructor's Office Hours: Tue-Thr 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm at AVW 4425
TA Office Hours: Tue-Thr 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm at AVW 4431


Final Examination: 

CSI 1122 Mon, Dec 19
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

11/16/2005: Lisp HW 3 posted
11/15/2005: Lisp Project 2,3 posted
10/10/2005: Mid Term Exam on Tuesday, 25th of October (in class)
10/10/2005: Class today - CSIC 5pm CSI 1121
10/10/2005: Project-1, Part-4 is due on Thursday, 20th of October
09/23/2005: HW-3 Posted, due 4th October (note change !)
09/23/2005: Project-1, Part-3 is due on Tuesday, 6th of October ( note change !)
09/09/2005: Project 1, Part 2 instructions posted.
09/06/2005: To subscribe to the class mailing list please send a blank email to "cmsc420-0101-request{at}" with the subject line "subscribe nodigest". Substitute with your email address.
09/06/2005: Project and homework submission deadlines posted (note changes !).
08/28/2005: Class webpage created. HW-1 posted.

Homework & Projects

Late Policy for all Homework

Homework 5 (text)
  • Due Tuesday, 13th December
LISP HW 3 (text)
  • Due Thursday, 17th November
LISP practice HW 1, 2
LISP warm-up (postscript) (pdf)
  • Due Thursday, 20th October
Homework 4 (postscript) (pdf)
  • Due Thursday, 20th October
Homework 3 (postscript) (pdf)
  • Due Thursday, 4th October
Homework 2 (postscript) (pdf)
  • Due Thursday, 22nd September
Homework 1 [(postscript) (pdf)]
  • Due Thursday, 15th September
Project-1        [(postscript) (pdf)]
LISP Project 1 (postscript) (pdf)
LISP Project 2 (postscript) (pdf)
LISP Project 3 (postscript) (pdf)


Spatial Data Structure Applets
Slides from the lectures
Course Syllabus   (pdf) (ps)
Lisp Resources
Textbooks for the course
Class email announcement archives