CMSC741: Geometric and Solid Modeling (Fall 2005)

Instructor: Dr.Leila De Floriani  ________________________________________________________________



Graduate Credit:

The course counts for both MS and Ph.D. qualifying coursework. It can be used to satisfy the MS qualifying exam and the PhD core in the area of Visual and Geometric Computing. 

Course Objectives:

An introduction to modeling geometric shapes, such as solid objects, free-form surfaces, 2D and 3D scalar fields. Topics include boundary and volumetric representations for solid objects, mesh-based representations for solid objects, free-form surfaces and  scalar fields, algorithms for generatingtriangle and tetrahedral meshes, mesh simplification techniques, compression techniques for triangle and tetrahedral meshes, multi-resolution mesh-based representations, topology-based representations for 3D shapes and 2D scalar fields.  It covers applications  from areas of computer graphics, scientific
visualization, computer aided design,  finite element analysis and animation.


Detailed Outline:

The topics and the order in which they are listed below are tentative and subject to change

Course Work

The course will have a midterm and a final (not comprehensive) exam.
Tentative weights: midterm 25-30% and final 30%.

The rest of the work (which will account for 40-45%  of the final grade) will be
a reading project,  in which  students will be required to summarize,  compare, classify and analyze papers  in a subfield, complementary to the  subjects covered in class,  or a project on the design, analysis and possible implementation of some new  representation,  or  a programming project.
The students will be required to do a short presentation of their work in class.

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Course Material

The course does not have a required textbook, but we will cover chapters from books, and survey papers. A copy of the slides used in class will be available from the course Web page


Lecture schedule:


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