CMSC 818S: Internet Reverse Engineering

Fall 2005

Instructor Neil Spring
email nspring at cs
Office 4133 A. V. Williams
Office Hours Tueday and Thursday, 2:30-3:30
and by appointment
Classroom CSIC 1122
Meets Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-4:45
Syllabus pdf
Master reading list pdf
Calendar html ical


I prepared paper-saving 2-up pdf's of the IAB concerns RFC and the crisis conditions report. The master reading list should have working urls for the other papers for next week.

A vocabulary list from my 711 course lists networking jargon. (The numbers represent the "week" in which the terms were covered in class.) We may spend a class reviewing this terminology, but it may also be useful in testing your background knowledge.

Project milestones

I hid this under the calendar, but realized it should be here too.

10/21 Initial results (3pg)
11/4 Incomplete draft (7pg)
11/10 15-minute presentations
12/2 Complete draft (14pg)
12/6 25-minute presentations I
12/8 25-minute presentations II

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