CMSC 838G - Fall'05
Prof Guimbretière

Advanced Introduction to HCI

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CSIC 2118, Tue, Thu 2:00pm - 3:15pm

Class description

This is the graduate students introductory course to the field of Human-Computer Interaction. The class will be equally split between two main topics:
  • Experimental design. HCI, by its very nature, is an experimental branch of computer science. In this class, we will review key aspects of experimental design, including: how to identify tractable problems,  how to identify key variables, how to gather data, and how to analyze and report the experimental results.
  • HCI Models, Theories and Frameworks. Models theories and frameworks are key to the formulation of research hypothesis that might be put to the test by experiments. This class will offer a survey of the key models and theories currently in use, and explore how they can be used in practice to better further our understanding of human computer interactions and design better interfaces.

Class format

In the classroom, the format will focus on open discussion based on reading assigned each week. Outside the classroom, students will focus on conducting a research project. After identifying an important research question, each student (or small group of students) will design conduct and analyze the result of an experiment. The outcome of this work will be a report formatted as a submission for a major conferences in the field such as CHI or UIST.

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