Changing the Password of Your CVS Repository Account


To manage course projects (e.g., to retrieve the code we provide for a project) you will need a special account named the "CVS repository account".  You can find your CVS repository account (and associated password) by accessing and selecting "Receive Class Account".  Usually your account has the login id csXXXYYY where XXX corresponds to a course number (e.g., 131, 132) and YYY is a number identifying the account.


You must change the default password we provide.  To change the password you need to access the computer:


Use ssh (a program that allows you to connect from a computer (e.g., your PC) to another computer) in order to access  If you don't know how to use ssh (or don't have the software) then read the information we provided below. 

IMPORTANT: Once you have changed your password wait at least half an hour before you try the new password (it takes some time for the change to take effect).


PC Users




Mac Users


Mac provides ssh by default.   Open a terminal window and execute the following command:


                    ssh -l csXXXYYY


where csXXXYYY represents your class account.  Notice that the - is followed by lowercase letter L.  The command execution may ask you whether you are sure whether you want to continue connecting; just say yes.


At the point you will see the command prompt represented by something similar to: "[cs132001@squeamish ~]$". To change the password:

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