CMSC 132 - Object-Oriented Programming II

Fall 2006



Quizzes are given in discussion sessions. A few days prior to each quiz we plan to post a worksheet on this page. The dates for the quizzes are given in the course schedule. (Beware that the exact dates are subject to change, but we will try to give you fair notice of any changes.)


Worksheets are not turned in and they are not graded. The problems on the worksheet are for your own benefit and are designed to prepare you for the quiz. We will not be giving answers to the worksheet problems, but if you have a question you can talk to the course TA.



Quiz Date

Worksheet #1 (Abstraction, Generics)

Wed Sep 13

Worksheet #2 (Linear Data Structures)

Wed Sep 20

Worksheet #3 (Huffman, Heaps, Binary Trees)

Wed Oct 18

Worksheet #4 (BFS, DFS, Dijkstra's Algorithm)

Wed Nov 8

Worksheet #5 (Threads, Synchronization, MST)

Wed Nov 15

Worksheet #6 (Regular Expressions, Inner Classes)

Wed Nov 29