1. Homework 1: Web Design Critique due September 8th
  2. Read Hinckley, K., E. Cutrell, S. Bathiche, and T. Muss. Quantitative analysis of scrolling techniques. Proceedings of CHI'02, pp. 65-72. for November 2nd
    • How does Fitts' law (pp. 367-369 of the textbook) apply to a scrolling task?
    • Figure 1 show an example of a crossover effect. Why is it important?
    • According to authors, what are the pros and cons of the ScrollPoint device? What about the scrollwheel? The authors also proposed a modification to the scrollwheel, why?
    • What are the main contributions presented in this paper? What are the authors' hypotheses? What sort of study did they perform?
    • In the study, participants were asked to perform a set of tasks. Why were these task selected, and what were the authors measuring?
    • What are the quantitative results of the experiment? What are the qualitative feedbacks gathered by the authors?