Incomplete medication records and confusion around medications are a major cause of medication error in the US.

MyMedMinder is designed to help you keep a better record of your medications.



        Having a complete and accurate record of the medications that you take is a valuable resource to you, your family, and the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who provide your treatment and care. It is common for many people in the United States to be taking more than one medication, and many times these medications are prescribed by many different providers. In addition, many of us are taking non-prescription medicines such as vitamins, herbal supplements and other over-the-counter medications. It is very difficult for one person to keep track of all the different medications that we may take in a day!

         It is very important that a patient is able to provide an accurate medication history to a healthcare provider. Failure to do so can end up in medication error. Keeping your own record of the medications that you or your loved one takes allows you to provide clinicians with valuable information that can help improve the quality of care you receive and reduce the chance of medication error.

         My Med Minder can help you keep a better record of what medications you are taking, why you take certain medications and who was the person who ordered them for you. In short, by taking advantage of this free and easy to use automated medication record keeper, you will be able to play a more active role in your healthcare and provide vital medication history data to your healthcare team.


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