First-Person Pacman

1st Person Pac-Man is the masterwork of the 1st Person Pac-Man Team, a group of dedicated individuals from the Computer Science Department of the University of Maryland. Joined together by chance in the fledging year of the CMSC498M Game Programming Course, these fearless young men took destiny into their own hands. Their creed, first sworn while kneeling before a Pac-Man tabletop arcade machine, was as follows: "By building on a classic concept, we vow to make the best of our limited time to create the most solid, polished, and fun game that we can!"

1st Person Pac-Man is a new twist on a classic concept. building on the charm and playability of the original Pac-Man, 1st Person Pac-Man allows the user to receive and react to information from the perspective of within the maze. "Frantic" is the word to best describe this phenomenon, as all of the danger and excitement of the original feels that much more real.

Like the original Pac-Man, the goal of 1st Person Pac-man is to collect all of the dots within the maze while avoiding the ghosts that are chasing you. Each of 4 ghosts has a unique personality and will pursue the player in a different way. As play progresses, the game becomes increasingly chaotic as you narrowly dodge the ghosts to complete your dot-collecting quest!

Within this site, you will find more information about the "1st Person Pac-Man" project and team. Please feel free to download the final game release, or the project source code. Enjoy!