Data for Computing on Mobile devices and interoperation with stationary sensors and other data services.

This is a research course that requires active student participation and involvement. Each student will find 1-2 topics related to tracking, collecting, and storing data for mobile devices executing asynchronously. Data can be pulled, pushed or cached at various devices that can be either stationary or mobile. Mobile devices include sensors, GPS, RFID trackers, PDAs and any other device that has CPU and storage. The content data and the delivery requirements will be defined by the application.

Students will have to:
  • find and propose X number of papers to be read and discussed in class
  • the papers will be ranked by the class and myself and will be selected based on the vote. I reserve the right to exclude anything that is unfit.
  • the papers will be read by ALL but the discussion will be led by one student. Everyone will have to present/lead at least Y papers.
  • propose a project to the class and market it to the class. Z number of projects will be selected and staffed to be carried out. Each student must participate in one project.

    Grades will be based on
  • presentations, participation to the presentations, and making questions and answers for the exams
  • exams
  • project
    The parameters X, Y, and Z to be determined by the number of participants.


    READING FOR 9/13/2006

    READING FOR 9/20/2006
    READING FOR 9/27/2006
    READING FOR 10/4/2006
    READING FOR 10/11/2006
    READING FOR 10/18/2006
    and perhaps Heterogeneous Services for Next-Generation Wireless - Leading the discussion Dan
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