CMSC 838G - Fall'06
Prof Guimbretière

Introduction to Rapid Prototyping Techniques

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CSIC 3120, Tue, Thu 2:00pm - 3:15pm

Like the earlier transition from mainframe to PCs, the capabilities of machine tools will become accessible to ordinary people in the form of personal fabricator (PFs). This time around, though, the implications are likely to be even greater because what's being personalized is our physical world of atoms rather then the computer's digital world of bits

Neil Gershenfeld in FAB: The coming revolution on your desktop
from personal computers to personal fabrication

Class description

This class will provide an introduction to modern rapid prototyping techniques such as laser cutting, 3D printing and microcontroller programming. Using these tools, small multidisciplinary groups will be able to conduct the hardware project of their choice exploring topics as varied as:

  • Universal Access;

  • Tangible interfaces;

  • Toys and digital games;

  • Personal Communication or Medical Assistants;

  • New musical instruments;

Class format

In the classroom, the format will focus on open discussions and hands-on demonstrations based on readings and small projects assigned each week. Outside the classroom, students will focus on conducting their own research project. The outcome of this work will be a report formatted as a submission for a major conference in the project domain (for example CHI or UIST for HCI projects).

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