Introduction to C Programming
Fall 2007
Jan will have exam week office hours on Wednesday, December 12th (9:30am-12:00) and Friday, December 14th (9:30am-12:00)
All TAs will continue to have their regularly scheduled office hours through Tuesday, December 11, but will have no office hours during exam week.
Jan's office hours on Friday, December 7th need to be cancelled due to a mandatory meeting that she must attend.
Project 6 is available in the 106public directory on Grace The description is also there as a text file.
Project 5 is available in the 106public directory on Grace and the description is here.
Project 4 is available in the 106public directory (no file is needed from the web - the description is there in text format)
Kristin Stephen's TA Office Hours 11-1 on Wednesday 10/24 are canceled.
Project 3 - the description file is available on the web site (under the projects button on the menu) and the sample input/output files are in the grace public area.
Jan Plane's office hours for Tuesday, October 9th need to be reduced to 9:30-10:30 because of an appointment that can not be moved.
Project 2 is due Friday, October 5 as shown on the directions file which is in the 106public directory. Note: Do not use the // form of comments (instead use the /* */ form) since the // is not accepted by this compiler with the options we have in your alias.
Web site started. Welcome to CMSC 106 Fall 2007!
Project 1 is available in the 106public area of the grace cluster. You need to read the directions and copy the source file that are there in that directory similar to the lab exercise from Monday.
I have reposted all of the lecture notes - now they are in two different formats: Large for viewing on the screen and small for printing.