Homework #3

CMSC 132

Due Date: Wed Oct 31 (In lecture)

Object-Oriented Programming II

Type of Homework: Closed

Fall 2007



You are asked to write a computer program modeling a park where customers can go hunt wild turkeys.  You must design the classes & interfaces needed to implement the park.  Turn in a UML class diagram for your design (you don't need to actually implement the classes). Include as much information as possible in your UML diagram, using the features of UML covered in lecture:

A park contains customers and two types of animals, birds and dogs. Birds can be either turkeys or hawks. Some dogs are hounds.  Hounds can be either greyhounds or bloodhounds. Customers, hawks, and hounds (hunting dogs) are all hunters. Turkeys are prey. Animals can travel at different speeds. Birds can fly and dogs can bark. All hunters can detect and capture prey. All prey can hide to avoid detection. Greyhounds can chase prey, and bloodhounds can track prey. Customers may bring hawks or hounds to the park to help hunt turkeys. Whether a turkey is captured depends on its ability to hide or run from hunters.



Complete the above problem and turn in your work in lecture (NOT LAB).  You must consider this homework a closed assignment as described in


There is no late deadline for this homework.  Any homework submitted in lab will not be accepted.

Academic Integrity

Please make sure you read the academic integrity section of the syllabus so you understand what is permissible in our class assignments. We want to remind you that we check your work against other students' work and any case of academic dishonesty will be referred to the University's Office of Judicial Programs.

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