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In case you have not already noticed, this is an open assignment. You must read the Open/Closed policy before working on this project. The policy can be found at:


Project Clarifications

Any clarifications or corrections associated with this project will be available at: clarifications.html


Sudoku Overview

For this project you will write a class named Sudoku, that implements the game logic associated with the popular puzzle game sudoku. The goal of the game is to complete a grid with numbers so that every row, column and 3 by 3 grid (differentiated by shading) has every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive. The following is an example of a sudoku matrix:

sudoku image

More information about sudoku can be found in the following sites:

For this project the term "move" means entering a value into a square of the sudoku matrix. A legal move is one where the number provided does not violate the sudoku rules.


Code Distribution

The project's code distribution is available by checking out the project named p1. The distribution includes a data directory with text files representing sudoku games and two packages (sudoku and tests).

  1. data directory - This directory has text files representing sudoku games. In a text file a period represents an empty square in the sudoku matrix.
  2. sudoku package - The following classes can be found in this package:
    • Sudoku -This is the class you are expected to implement for this project. In the Sudoku.java file you will find a shell for each of the public methods you are expected to implement. The javadoc documentation for this project can be found at: doc/index.html. Feel free to add any private data members and private methods you understand you need. You may not add any public data members nor methods.
    • Utilities - This class makes use of the Sudoku class you will implement. You may not modify this class. This class provides supporting methods that allows you to initialize a sudoku game based on the data present in a text file, and to randomly select files. The class is used by the GraphicalUI class.
    • GraphicalUI - Represents the GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the sudoku application. Executing the main method of this class will allow you to play sudoku through the GUI. This class relies on the Utility class to select the initial sudoku grid. You may not modify this class. While using the GUI keep in mind:
      • Once a number representing a valid move has been entered in a square it cannot be changed.
      • A red square means there are no legal moves for that entry.
      • You can select one of the playing modes ("No hints", "Show constrained squares", "Show legal moves", "Show good moves") by selecting the arrow you will see in the right bottom corner.
      • The GUI randomly selects a puzzle from the data directory. The selected puzzle is specified at the top of the GUI.
      • The "Show Constrained Squares" option will display those squares which are currently empty, and for which there is only one legal move.
      • The "Show legal moves" option will display the valid moves for a particular square.
      • The "Show good moves" option will display the good moves calculated for a particular square.
      • The "Solve 1 constrained" button will solve the first constrained position on the sudoku board.
      • The "Solve current constrained" button will solve all currently constrained position on the sudoku board.
      • The "Copy board" button will create a new sudoku board which is a duplicate of the current one.
    • PublicTests.java - This class represents the set of JUnit public tests. These are the same public tests you will find in the submit server.
    • StudentTests.java - File where you will put your own test cases.


Honor Section Requirements

For those students in cmsc132H your project should satisfy all the requirements specified above. In addition, you need to implement a function getAllGoodMoves( ) using an algorithm that is smarter than the standard one of just looking to see what values are prohibited because they occur in the same row, column or square. In particular, on data/puzzle5.txt, the function getAllGoodMoves( ) should be able to determine for the initial board position at least one location that is constrained to have only one good value. You will be able to see how your algorithm is performing by release testing your project and looking at those tests whose named starts with "testHonors". For convenience, we have set the points of those tests to 0; however, your grade will also be based on those tests (i.e., a score of 75/75 after release testing will be adjusted based on how well you do on the honor's tests).

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