CMSC828K: Sensor Data Management; Data Streams

Prof. Amol Deshpande;    CSIC 3118;    Tue-Thur 3:30pm-4:45pm

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Office Hours:

AVW 3221; By appointment.

Class forum:

We will use a forum for general announcements, to ask/answer questions about the projects/assignments etc. You are required to read the forum on a regular basis. Also, the forum should be the first resort for asking any (non-private) questions. You will need to register to use the forum.
CMSC 828K Forum


This is a seminar course, and will be based on reading, and discussing papers from recent conferences. You will be required to present a paper for discussion, and do a class project.

The course counts for PhD and MS qualifying course in Databases. The course is not valid for MS Comps.

The grading will be based on class participation and paper critiques (10%), two exams - likely take-home (40%), one in-class presentation (10%), and a class project (40%).

Paper summaries:

You should email me the paper summaries before the class. Please include "828 Summary" in the subject.


This is a very rough sketch of the topics we will cover in the class. More details (including papers to read) will be provided soon. You can take a look at the reading list for CMSC 828D (Fall 2005) for some more details, but expect there to be substantial changes.
  • Overview of sensing technologies, hardware trends, applications: 2-3 classes
  • In-network query processing in sensor networks: 2-3 classes
  • Data streams: system design, query processing and optimization, adaptive query processing: 5-6 classes
  • Probabilistic graphical models and their role in sensor data management: 2-3 classes
  • Uncertain, probabilistic databases: 5-6 classes