CMSC 330, Fall 2008

Organization of Programming Languages

  • Dec 22. Final course grades have been submitted to the university, and should be available on Testudo.
  • Dec 17. Final exam scores are available on the grade server, and a histogram is also available. If you would like to review your final, send the professor and email to make arrangements. (Project 6 is not completely graded yet...)
  • Dec 10. Added a few notes to the top of the Project 6 description; be sure to take a look.
  • Dec 3. Project 5 has been extended 24 hours. It is now due on Thursday, with the late deadline on Friday. The project 6 deadline is still the same.
  • Dec 3. To help you with project 6, discussion section on Wednesday, December 10 will be open office hours. David and Brandon will be in their usual discussion section rooms at the usual times, and you can go there for help with project 6 or with questions about the final.
  • Dec 2. Project 6 is available.
  • Nov 20. Midterm 2 grades are available on the grade server. Mean = 69.96, stddev = 14.52. Sample solutions and a histogram are also available.
  • Nov 19. Project 5 is available.
  • Nov 18. Lecture and discussion section on Wednesday, November 26 are cancelled.
  • Nov 15. Just a reminder that midterm 2 will be on Wednesday, November 19. We'll have the exam for both sections in 3117 CSIC, just like last time.
  • Nov 2. There was a typo on homework 2. For problem 4, it should have been I = λx.x, and K = λx.λy.x. We just updated the homework pdf file to fix this.
  • Nov 1. Project 4 is available. The amount of code required for project 4 is not that large, but the writeup will take a while to read. Please be sure to take a first pass over it by section on Wednesday; the TAs will discuss the project during section.
  • Oct 28. I tentatively announced that the next midterm would be Nov 12. I would like to change midterm 2 to be on November 19. Please let me know right away if that date presents any problem.
  • Oct 28. Homework 2 is available. Your solutions are due in discussion section on November 5.
  • Oct 20. Jeff's office hours (12:30-2) on Tuesday, Oct 21 will be covered by Joao in 1112 AVW.
  • Oct 15. Project 3 is now available.
  • Oct 9. Here are some statistics for midterm 1. These are subject to change because of regrades etc.
  • Oct 8. Midterm 1 scores are available on the grade server. Sample solutions are linked from the schedule web page. You can pick up your exam from me Thursday or Friday, or I will return them in class on Monday.
  • Oct 8. Homework 1 is available. Your solutions are due in discussion section on October 15.
  • Oct 6. Just a reminder that the exam will be this Wednesday in your discussion section.
  • Sep 30. Sample exams from previous semesters, as well as practice problems on context-free grammars and regular expressions, are now available on the schedule web page.
  • Sep 24. The project 1 solution code (with all its bugs) I showed in class today is available in the public/ directory on grace.
  • Sep 23. Project 2 is now available. This project is due on a Friday; please let me know right away if you have a conflict with that date.
  • Sep 10. Project 1 is now available. You can also find links to projects at the bottom of the schedule web page.
  • Sep 8. There will be no class on Monday, September 15. Instead, you are encouraged (but not required) to come to the department colloquium that day.
  • Sep 8. Jeff's office hours on Tuesday, September 9 are cancelled.
  • Sep 7. All students registered for the course as of today should now have access to the grade and submit servers (although there's nothing interesting there yet). If you register for 330 after today, please email me so I can add your account.
  • Aug 26. Important scheduling change: Discussion sections will be held on Wednesdays only. There will be no discussion sections on Mondays.
  • Aug 22. There will be no discussion sections on September 3. We will have lecture that day, of course.
Please fill out online course evaluations for this and your other courses (available Dec 2-14)

Midterm 1October 8 (in section)
Midterm 2November 19 (in section)
Final ExamMonday, December 15, 4-6pm, PHY (Physics building) 1412
Name Office E-mail Office Hours
(or by appointment)
Prof. Jeff Foster 4129 AVW jfoster at cs M 12pm-1:30, Tu 12:30pm-2pm
David An 1112 AVW davidan at cs F 1pm-4pm
Hyoungtae Cho 1112 AVW hcho5 at cs M 10am-12pm, TuTh 10am-11am
Joao Soares 1112 AVW joao at cs Tu 2pm-4pm, F 10am-12pm
Brandon Wilson 1112 AVW bswilson at cs Th 1:30pm-4:30pm
Office hours chart
Extra office hours for the final
Monday, December 15, 10am-11 - Joao, 1112 AVW
Monday, December 15, 11am-12pm - Brandon, 1112 AVW
Monday, December 15, 12pm-1:30 - Jeff, 4129 AVW
Monday, December 15, 1:30pm-2:30 - Hyoungtae, 1112 AVW
Monday, December 15, 2:30pm-3:30 - David, 1112 AVW

Important information

Office Hours As posted, plus available by appointment
Textbooks There are no required or recommended texts. See the resources page for useful on-line links.
Computing Resources OIT Grace UNIX Cluster. Class files, including project code, will be placed in the directory

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