CMSC424: Database Design

Prof. Amol Deshpande;    CSIC 1121;    Tue-Thur 11:00am-12:15pm

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Programming Assignment:

Description     Due November 17, 2008; Example Dataset and Program    

Hints in Oracle    


Practice Final    NOTE: I do not have the answer key for this exam.

Midterm 2 Solutions   

Midterm 1 Solutions   

Practice Midterm 1 w/ answers   

Practice Midterm 2 w/ answers   


Homework 1    
Homework 1 Solutions   

Homework 2    
Homework 2 Solutions   

Homework 3     RAID-6 Discussion   
Homework 3 Solutions   

Homework 4    
Homework 4 Solutions   


Project Description     Phase 0 Due Date - Sept 23, 2008

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SQL Assignment:

SQL Solutions Part 1

SQL Solutions Part 2

Schema Information, Description of the Database, and Queries    

SQL Script to Populate the Database