CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Fall 2009

Fear the Turtle!


12/14/09   Office Hours Announcements: The TAs office hours ended as of last Friday, but Jan Plane will have her regularly scheduled office hours Monday 12:30-2:30.

12/08/09   Announcements for the end of the semester in CMSC:
1) Please, complete your course evaluations as soon as possible
2) Attend the Study Day Feast - Friday 12/11 at 4pm in CSIC

12/05/09   The Department of Computer Science is now looking for first or second year UMCP undergraduates, for the position of Student Systems Administrator. We are hiring for part-time (15-20 hrs/wk) positions. For more information see: This Posting.

12/02/09   As announced on the syllabus, The final exam is on Tuesday, December 15 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. The final exam will be in the Armory. The Final Exam Room Assignments are as follows:
Sections 0101, 0102, 0103 : ARM 0126
Sections 0201, 0202, 0203 : ARM 0126
Sections 0301, 0302 : ARM 0131
Sections 0401, 0402 : ARM 0131
Honors Section : ARM 0131

11/25/09   Project #7 has been posted -- have fun!

11/22/09   If you are interested in learning about web-development using PHP, MySQL, and Apache, please consider the winter-term course CMSC 298D, being taught by Nelson Padua-Perez. For more information, please see this link for information from Nelson about the course.

11/19/09   There will be no TA office Hours for Wednesday November 25 (the day before Thanksgiving).

11/17/09   Quiz 9 questions are available here with answers here..

11/16/09   Fawzi Emad's office hours are cancelled for Tuesday 11/17/09 due to an unavoidable conflict.

11/15/09   Due to an unavoidable family situation, Jan Plane's office hours for Monday, November 16 need to be modified. Instead of 12:30-2:30, Jan Plane's office hours will be 12:00-12:45 on Monday and 9:00-10:20 on Tuesday.

11/11/09   Project #6 has been posted. Please note that the due date for this project is the Monday just after the Thanksgiving Break. We will be posting Project #7 (the last project) on the day just before the Thanksgiving Break, so you will have some flexibility in when you choose to work on these last two projects.

10/30/09   Project #5 has been posted. Many students waited too long to begin project #4, and did not manage to get the project finished by the deadline. Please do not make this mistake with project #5. This project will require a good amount of work, so please begin right away.

10/19/09   October 20-22: the Association for Women in Computing will be hosting its 400 level lecture series. We will hold the event in CSIC 3117 on all three days from 4:45-6:00pm. The 400 level lecture series gives students a chance to learn more about the courses from the people who will be teaching them. This will, we believe, help students who are at that level to select their courses based on more accurate information and therefore to be more fully engaged during the semester. We also believe that it is good information to keep students who are not yet at that level motivated and thinking about what computer science really is (rather than what programming is).

10/09/09   The content of next week's labs is a bit unusual: Monday will be a "laptop exercise" about writing classes (but no quiz on Monday.) There WILL be a quiz on Wednesday, along with a laptop exercise about writing JUnit tests.

10/08/09   Fawzi Emad's office hours are cancelled for Friday 10/9.

10/05/09   Quiz 3 Questions and Answers are available for you to use for exam review.

10/02/09   Project #3 has been posted.

10/02/09   Please don't forget that your first midterm exam will be on Wednesday of next week in your discussion section. Please arrive on time and bring pencils with working erasers. The lecture that day will proceed as usual, so don't miss it!

09/28/09   Jan Plane's office hours for Monday, Sept. 28 need to be cancelled so that she can cover classes for an instructor who is observing Yom Kippur.

09/23/09   Project #2 has been posted. Please get started right away!

09/16/09   To have the dashed vertical line in the 80the column in Eclipse do the following. Follow the menu path: Window/Preferences/General/Editors/Text Editors then check the box that says "Show print margin" and make sure "Print Margin Column" is set to 80.

09/09/09   Project 0 is now available. There is a description of what you need to do available from the projects link on the menu at the left and there is a file in your CVS repository which both contains further directions and the code you need to modify. Please, read all provided materials, edit and submit your project. Make sure you go to the submit server to see that you passed all of the tests - if not, edit and resubmit.

09/02/09   We have posted a project to your CVS repository called "Fall09TryThisProject". This project is NOT being graded! This project is being provided so that you can try out the course tools on your own. Please feel free to experiment with "checking out" and "submitting" this imaginary project whenever you are ready.

09/01/09   Office Hours start as of Wednesday September 2. See the "contacts" page available to the left to see the schedule. All office hours are held in the A.V.Williams building. All TA office hours are held in 1112 of that building.

08/26/09   Welcome to CMSC 131 for the Fall 2009 Semester. We will have our first labs (discussions) and lectures on Monday, August 31. See you there. Important announcements will appear here as the semester goes on. Be sure to look every day.