CMSC 725: Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Databases (Fall 2009)

Contact Information

Instructor:    Prof. Hanan Samet   <hjs{at}>
AVW, Room 4425

Course Information

Class Time: Tue-Thu 9:30am - 10:45am
Location: CSI 2120
Instructor's Office Hours:   TBA at AVW 4425


Information on the availability of the textbooks for the class
  1. Copy of lecture note slides titled ``GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS): A TECHNICAL APPROACH'' will be available for sale at the Engineering Copy Center.

  2. H. Samet. "Foundations of Multidimensional and Metric Data Structures", Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA, 2006.

  3. H. Samet. "Applications of Spatial Data Structures: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, and GIS". Addison Wesley, Reading, MA, 1990. This book is out of print, but a spiral-bound version of the most recent version is available for sale at the University Book Center.


Mid-term: TBA
Final Examination

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Spatial Data Structure Applets
Course Outline
Textbooks for the course


Incremental Nearest Neighbor Finding
Critique of Tomlin's book

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