CMSC 828R Fall 2009

Advanced Topics in Information Processing:

Distributed Data Collection, Dissemination, and Access in Mobile and Network Computing

In recent years, there has been an enormous proliferation of mobile devices capable of capturing, storing, and accessing data from the internet. Synchronizing and coordinating data on all these devices with remote data sources poses a significant overh ead to the user. In this course we will study data access and dissemination techniques for mobile devices and computation in the network. We will explore the principles of remote computing in a n environment where coordinating devices are moving independently from the data capture sources, data stores, and computing resources. Some of the capture sources are mobile themselves making the data mobile. We will examine techniques for enhancing data access such as data caching on ten devices, data dissemination (push) to the devices, data pull from the devices, and other P2P protocols for delivering to the location where is needed. Mobile devices include sensors, GPS, RFID trackers, smart phones, PDAs and any other device that has CPU, storage, and a GPS. We will also examine principles of asynchronous and non-blocking execution to allow for the wide latency differentials among the data sources. Furhtemore, we will examine the principles of multi-sited distributed data collection and delivery. This course is a research course that requires active student participation and involvement.

Class meets Tu 2-4:30pm,   Room CSI 2120/AVW 3258