CMSC 828V: Recent Advances in Computer Graphics, Fall 2009


Amitabh Varshney

4407 A. V. Williams Bldg
Phone: (301)405-6761
Email:varshney @

Lecture Time & Place

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30pm - 1:45pm
Room 2120 Computer Science Instructional Center

Course Structure

Course Pre-Requisites: CMSC 427, CMSC 740, or equivalent. You should have taken one computer graphics course at undergraduate or graduate level.

Course Credit: This course counts towards the Visual and Geometric Computing area's requirements for PhD core, MS comps, and MS coursework.

Course Text Book: None. Just read the papers below and my lecture notes

Course Grading:
Presentations 20%
Midterm Exam 20%
Project 30%
Final Exam 30%

Course Overview: This course will consist of lectures (by me) and presentations (from you, the students). At the beginning of each class I plan to discuss the theoretical foundations, the topic overview, and the general trends in that topic. I expect this to last about half the class. In the other half of the class, one student will present two papers, followed by class discussion. This is a shared learning class and active participation in these discussions is strongly encouraged. I expect each student to do two presentations during the semester. If you are just sitting in the course (auditing), I will still expect you to present twice during the semester. In addition to the class presentations, there will be a semseter-long programming project that you can do alone or in teams of two. This should be either an excellent re-implementation of an existing idea, or a bare-bones re-implementation of existing ideas with some unpublished new extensions.

Course Deliverables:

  • Presentations: Two 40-minute presentations.
    • Slides: Send me the powerpoint slides after each presentation. I will post them to the course website

  • Project: Semester-long project alone or in groups of two.
    • Preliminary Report: This will be a one to two-page report due early in the semester that outlines the participant(s), project overview, what you plan to do, mid-semester and end-semester milestones, and one or two references to previous work
    • Mid-Semester Report: This should discuss your project progress and milestone
    • Final Report: This should discuss your project accomplishments and place them in the context of other work in the field.
    • Source Code: You should upload the source code to the course directory.
    • Project Presentation and Demo: We will have a course presentation and demo fest in our Dec 8 class. Send me your powerpoint presentation for this after the class.

  • Exams:
    • Midterm and Final Exams will be based on material presented in my lectures and your presentations

Course Handouts