Lectures for CMSC 828V: Recent Advances in Graphics and Visualization

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September 1

Discussion of course policies and course plan
Overview of the Graphics Pipeline
PDF (2), PDF (6)

September 3

Tiled Displays
PDF (2), PDF (6)

September 8 and 10

GPUs, Many-core, Multi-core Architectures
PDF (2), PDF (6)

September 15 and 17

Parallel Programming and Memory Hierarchy
PDF (2), PDF (6)

Presentations by Chrissie Chi Cui:
Fluid Simulation Overview

Particle-based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications
Paper by M. Muller, D. Charypar, M. Gross in ACM Symp. on Computer Animation 2003

Hardware-Aware Analysis and Optimization of Stable Fluids
Paper by T. Kim in ACM Symp. on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 2008

September 22 and 24

Fluid Simulation and Multicore Programming
PDF (2), PDF (6)

Presentations by Chrissie Chi Cui:
Direct Forcing for Lagrangian Rigid-Fluid Coupling
Paper by M. Becker, H. Tessendorf, and M. Teschner in IEEE TVCG 15(3), May/June 2009

Directable High-Resolution Simulation of Fire on the GPU
Paper by C. Horvath and W. Geiger, SIGGRAPH/ACM TOG 28(3), August 2009

Presentation by Gary Jackson:
Intel's Larrabee: Hardware and Software Architecture
Paper by L. Seiler, D. Carmean, E. Sprangle, T. Forsyth, M. Abrash, P. Dubey, S. Junkins, A. Lake, J. Sugerman, R. Cavin, R. Espasa, E. Grochowski, T. Juan, and P. Hanrahan, SIGGRAPH/ACM TOG 27(3), August 2008

September 29

Multiresolution Meshes
PDF (2), PDF (6)

Presentation by Sujal Bista:
Clipmaps PDF(2), PDF(6)
Clipmap Paper by C. Tanner, C. Migdal, M. Jones, SIGGRAPH 1998
Geometry Clipmaps paper by F. Losasso and H. Hoppe SIGGRAPH 2004

October 1

Multiresolution Hierarchies and Memory Coherence
PDF (2), PDF (6)

Presentation by Gary Jackson:
Efficient Tree Storage and Evaluation for Level of Detail
Sequential Point Trees by C. Dachsbacher, C. Vogelsgang, and M. Stamminger, SIGGRAPH 2003
Compressed Random Access Trees for Spatially Coherent Data by S. Lefebvre and H. Hoppe Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2007

October 6 and 8

GPGPU Programming with CUDA
Presentation by Sam Cho:
GPU-based MD Simulations of Ribosome Assembly

October 13


October 13

Advanced Optimizations with CUDA

October 20 and 22

Spectral Graphs
PDF (2), PDF (6)

October 27

Spectral Meshes
PDF (2), PDF (6)
Geometric Signal Processing on Polygonal Meshes by G. Taubin, Eurographics State of the Art Report (STAR) 2000

October 29

Multiresolution Techniques for Interactive Global Illumination: Invited Talk by Chris Wyman, University of Iowa
PDF (2), PDF (6)

November 3 and 5

Spectral Geometry and Harmonics
PDF (2), PDF (6)

Presentation by Horace Ip:
Basis Functions for Rendering PDF, PDF(6)
A Frequency Analysis of Light Transport by F. Durand, N. Holzschuch, C. Soler, E. Chan, and F. Sillion at SIGGRAPH 2005
Adaptive Wavelet Rendering by R. Overbeck, C. Donner, and R. Ramamoorthi, SIGGRAPH Asia 2009

November 10 and 12

Human Visual System and Perception
PDF (2), PDF (6)

Visual Attention and Saliency
PDF (2), PDF (6)

November 17 and 19

Self-Similarity, Fractals, and Data Encoding
PDF (2), PDF (6)

Presentation by Andre Maximo:
Symmetry for Meshes PDF
Folding Meshes: Hierarchical mesh segmentation based on planar symmetry by P. Simiar, E. Kalogerakis and K. Singh, presented at Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing 2006.
A Concise and Provably Informative Multi-scale Signature Based on Heat Diffusion by J. Sun, M. Ovsjanikov, and L. Guibas, presented at Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing 2009.

November 24

OpenGL 3.0, presentation by Sujal Bista

December 1

New Displays
PDF (2), PDF (6)

December 3

Visualizing Time-Varying Data, presentation by Horace Ip
PDF (1), PDF (6)
A Fast Volume Rendering Algorithm for Time-varying Fields Using a Time-Space Partitioning (TSP) Tree by Han-Wei Shen, Ling-Jen Chiang, and Kwan-Liu Ma, presented at IEEE Visualization 1999.
Importance-Driven Time-Varying Data Visualization by Chaoli Wang, Hongfeng Yu, and Kwan-Liu Ma, presented at IEEE Visualization 2008.

December 8

Project Presentations

December 10

Course Wrap-up
PDF (6)

December 18

Final Exam: 1:30pm -- 3:30pm

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