CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Sections 010x/020x/030x -- Fall 2010

Fear the Turtle!


12/13/10   Final Exam: Tuesday 12/14 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in room PHY1412. Please arrive 10 minutes early so that we can get started on time.

12/11/10   We have a winner! Jeff Ford has done it! He has created a Soldier class that consistently beats the Smart AI from project #3. And they're almost as fast as the Smart soldiers. I ran Jeff's soldiers against the Smart ones on 1000 battles involving 100 soldiers per team on a 50 by 25 battlefield with 60 obstacles. He won 67% of the time! Unless I receive an even better submission from someone else before the final, Jeff will be declared the contest winner. I guess now I have to actually come up with a prize...

12/08/10   If you'd like to study the slides that I went over in class on inheritance, They are here. (Use the same ID and password that you use to view the study questions.)

12/04/10   The submit server has been fixed so you can now submit projects from Eclipse as usual.

12/03/10   There is a problem with the submit server and so you will not be able to submit projects for the time being. The support staff is working on this and it should be resolved soon.

12/01/10   The final exam will be on Tuesday, 12/14 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in room PHY1412. Please arrive 10 minutes early so that we can be ready to start at 4:00PM sharp. Bring a photo ID and working pencils/erasers.

11/24/10   Project #7 has been posted!

11/17/10   Project #6 has been posted. The official due date is 11/29 (after the break), but you should know that we plan to post Project #7 the day BEFORE the break. (So these projects will overlap). This way you have some flexibility in how you use your time. I strongly advise everyone to finish Project #6 as quickly as possible so that you can get started on Project #7 earlier.

11/09/10   Please don't forget that your second Midterm will be on Wednesday of next week (11/17) in the discussion section. You should already be studying!

11/02/10   Project #5 has been posted!

10/28/10   Click here to see some very cool renderings of the Mandelbrot Set done by Jeff Ackerman using Project #4. If you have some other interesting Mandelbrot Set images that you'd like to share, please email them to me and I'll add them to the page.

10/19/10   Project #4 has been posted!

10/08/10   Message from the CS Latino Group:
CS Latino Group Lunch Hour every Tuesday. Additional information at:

10/06/10   Project #3 has been posted! I hope this one is fun -- let me know if you enjoy it.

10/05/10   A team of students is working on a study about "the efficacy of mental fitness training through computer games". In case you're interested in participating, here is the info they sent me:

Participants needed for a psychology study on improving intelligence and brain function.

Participants will be asked to play a short computer game on a daily basis over a 6 week period, as well as attend two 2 hour testing sessions.

  •       $90 for completion of the study
  •       Win up to $400

For more information, please contact us at:

10/04/10   A few things made it onto the review sheet which will NOT be covered on the midterm. These are: constructors, writing your own equals method, toString method. Sorry for the confusion!

09/30/10   Please don't forget that Midterm #1 will be on Wednesday, 10/6 during the discussion session. We will have a lecture that day, as usual, so make sure to attend both class sessions.

09/29/10   Fawzi Emad's office hours for Friday 10/1 are cancelled. (Sorry, I am substituting for another instructor at that time.)

09/24/10   You can find some helpful suggestions on getting started with project #2 along with some "time-management recommendations" by following this link.

09/23/10   Project #2 has been posted!

09/18/10   There is a way to have Eclipse automatically draw a vertial line in the editor at exactly the 80th column. (That way you can easily check that your lines are all less than 80 characters long, which is our requirement for this course.) Try this: Right-click inside the editor, then choose Preferences, General, Editors, Text Editors. You'll see a checkbox called "show print margin". Check this box, and enter the value 80 in the box below that says Print margin column.

09/15/10   Fawzi Emad's office hours for Friday 9/17 are cancelled. (Sorry it could not be helped.)

09/14/10   Study questions for this week have been posted -- there are a lot of them, so please don't forget to try them! They cover the material that will be presented throughout the week, so you will not know how to answer them all until after Friday's lecture. Each Tuesday I will post questions for that week.

09/13/10   Project #1 has been posted. To read the project description, click the "Projects" link to the left and then click on the name of the Project.

09/08/10   I am hearing from the TAs that some students have been routinely missing the discussion sessions. Please be aware that on Mondays there is usually a quiz, and on Wednesdays there is frequently a graded assignment to be completed during class. Please be sure to attend every class session -- your grade depends on it!

09/01/10   For Mac Users:
While connecting to the CVS repository you may get a message indicating you cannot connect to If that is the case, try the following:
1. Open a Mac terminal window (Applications-->Utilities-->Terminal)
2. In the window type:
(Notice -l is the hyphen symbol - followed by lowercase letter L)
3. Enter the linuxlab account password
This should fix the problem. You can exit the ssh session by typing exit in the Mac window.

08/31/10   "Study Questions" for this week have been posted. To view them, click the "Study Questions" link to the left. If you don't know the login ID and password, ask your instructor or TA for them. These questions are designed to help you prepare for quizzes and exams. They are not collected or graded.

08/23/10   All CMSC131 students are required to attend the discussion session in which they are officially registered. The course is quite full and so there is no room to accommodate people who are not on the official roster for each class session.

08/18/10   Note that this website is for sections 0101/0102/0103, 0201/0202/0203, and 0301/0302/0303. If you are in section 0401/0402/0403, your class webpage is here and if you are in the honors section, your class webpage is here.

08/18/10   Welcome to CMSC 131 for the Fall 2010 Semester. We will have our first labs (discussions) and lectures on Monday, August 30. See you there. Important announcements will appear here as the semester goes on. Be sure to look every day.

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