CMSC 423: Bioinformatics
Fall 2010

Course objectives: Study interesting algorithms and methods for the analysis of biological data. We will cover string matching algorithms, string searching, string pattern finding (gene finding, discovery of protein binding sites), genome assembly, phylogenetics, and several topics of current research interest in bioinformatics.

Class time: Tue/Thr 9:30am-10:45pm in CSIC 2107.

Professor: Carl Kingsford, Office: CBCB 3113. Email: carlk AT cs.

Office hours: Mondays, 2:30-3:30 in CBCB 3113. If you cannot attend office hours, email me about scheduling a different time.

Grades: will be posted at

TA: Emre Sefer (esefer AT

TA Office Hours: Wed/Fri 9-11am in office hours room on first floor of AVW.



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