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Triangulated cube



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Stanford bunny


Tetrahedral meshes in R3 with scalar values




Super Phoenix


Buckyball (small)

Blunt fin

Airflow over a flat plate with a blunt fin rising from the plate. Free stream flow direction is parallel to the plate and to the flat part of the fin, entirely in the x component direction. The flow is assumed to be symmetrical about a plane through the center of the fin, so only one half of the "real" geometry is present and used in the computation. Interesting features of this flow are the branching structure of the shock in front of the leading edge of the fin (called a "lambda shock" due to its shape) and the two counter-rotating vortices, separated by a branch of the shock. One vortex is rooted between the shock and the edge of the fin; the other vortex is rooted between the shock and the plate, just upstream of the fin. For those unaccustommed to curvilinear grids, examine the image and notice not only the curve of the gridplanes of the same orientation as the fin, but also the very small cell size near both solid surfaces, compared to very large volume cells far from the airfoil.



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