CMSC 132 -- Object Oriented Programming II

Fall 2011

Fear the Turtle!


12/07/11   The final exam for CMSC 132 will be in room TYD 0130 (Tydings Hall) on Friday 12/16/11 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. Please arrive 10 minutes early so that we can get things started promptly at 4:00.

12/01/11   Project #9 has been posted.

11/30/11   For project #8: A minor ommision in the project description led to some confusion. The next-to-last bullet item in the spec for the Crawler class now says: "Once you've obtained a good URL, instantiate an ExtractorThread for it, assign this thread to the dead/unused entry in the array, and start the thread." If you don't assign the thread to the array, everything works except the GUI displays "unused" where it should display the URL.

11/29/11   There will be a quiz in the lab on Thursday 12/1.

11/18/11   TA office hours are canceled for Wednesday 11/23.

11/18/11   Project #8 has been posted.

11/13/11   Please remember that the second midterm will be on Thursday, 11/17/11 in your discussion session. Arrive on time and bring pencil(s) with working eraser(s).

11/03/11   There will be a quiz (#4) in the lab on Thursday 11/10/11.

11/03/11   Some students seem to have assumed that we will have 8 programming projects this semester (since that is the number of projects we gave last semester.) Please don't make that assumption. The current plan is to have 3 more projects (for a total of nine). These are likely to include: Project #7 - Huffman Trees (already posted), Project #8 - something about threads, Project #9 - something about graphs.

11/03/11   Project #7 has been posted (a day early). I am going to be out of town this weekend, so I posted the project now.

10/25/11   The Binary Search Tree project has been posted. As mentioned previously, this is your sixth project, but it is labeled as project #5.

10/21/11   There will be a quiz in the lab on Thursday, 10/27.

10/16/11   The HashTable project has been posted. This is your fifth project, but it has been labeled as Project #6. Please ignore this. The project that will be posted after this one (on October 25th) will be numbered Project #5. (I decided to reverse the order of these two projects after I had already prepared them -- sorry for the confusion.)

10/05/11   Please note that the due date for Project #4 has been moved to 10/15/11.

10/02/11   Project #4 has been posted.

09/22/11   There will be a quiz during the lab on Tuesday 9/27.

09/22/11   Project #3 has been posted!

09/18/11   We're experiencing a temporary problem with the submit server which is causing most submissions to fail. It's being worked on and should be fixed soon.

09/17/11   Regarding the Student-written tests for project #2: Be sure to read this file for information about how to include your JUnit tests in the project. It was modified today to include more complete instructions.

09/12/11   Project #2 has been posted. Please begin working on it immediately!

09/12/11   Please remember that quiz #1 will be given during the lab on Thursday, 9/15.

09/10/11   Project #1: There was a small bug in one of the release tests (test #8) -- the name of the test did not correspond to what the test was actually doing. This has been corrected. If you were passing release test#8 previously, you should check to be sure that you are still passing it.

09/10/11   There is a way to have Eclipse automatically draw a vertical line in the editor at exactly the 120th column. (That way you can easily check that your lines are all less than 120 characters long, which is our requirement for this course.) Try this: Right-click inside the editor, then choose Preferences, General, Editors, Text Editors. You'll see a checkbox called "show print margin". Check this box, and enter the value 120 in the box below that says Print margin column.

09/03/11   Remember that campus is closed on Monday for the holiday. Please be sure to attend the discussion session on Tuesday -- you will be trying out some of the more advanced features of the Eclipse debugger.

09/03/11   Project #1 has been distributed to your CVS repositories. Please read the project description before you begin -- click "Projects" on the menu to the left, and you'll find a link to the project description.

08/29/11   All CMSC132 students are required to attend the discussion session in which they are officially registered.

08/29/11   Welcome to CMSC 132. We will have our first lecture on Wednesday 8/31 and the first discussion session on Thursday 9/1. See you there. Important announcements will appear here -- most recent announcements will appear at the top. Be sure to look every day.