CMSC421: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2011 


Course Announcements

[11/24/11]  W3 is out and due 12/6
[11/10/11]  P4 is out and due 11/22
[11/01/11]  W3 is out and due 11/10
[10/06/11]  P3 is out and due 10/20
[10/03/11]  W2 is out and due 10/13
[9/29/11]  W
1 is due today at the start of class.   Please specify your collaborators.  Reminder: Students may discuss the homework to understand the problem and reach a solution. However, each student must write down the solution independently, and without referring to written notes from the joint session. In other words, each student must understand the solution well enough in order to reconstruct it by him/herself. In addition, each student should write on the problem set the set of people with whom s/he collaborated. This method as an experiment for CSMC421. If we find that people's homeworks are suspiciously similar (indicating copying as opposed to collaborative work), we will simply stop the experiment and disallow collaboration for the entire class.
Late Days for written homeworks: Late homeworks should either be slipped under Prof Getoor's door (AVW 3135), turned in to the TAs, or emailed.   In any of theses cases (even email), you must CLEARLY indicate the number of late days being used for your assignment.  Late days go from 5pm-5pm each day.   It is an honor code violation to misrepresent them; if you leave them off, we will assume the worst and dock you four days (the max that can be used for any assignment).

One time only policy on P1.   If you got less than 15 points via the autograder, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment next week with one of the TAs and discuss your solution; in addition to the help you will get from the TAs, this can earn you an addition 1-2 points.
[9/22/11]  P2 is out
[9/15/11]  W1 is out
Office hours are changing! Jay and Steve will be available 12:30 PM - 2 PM on Mondays & Wednesdays in AVW 3228. Additional help is available after class or by appointment.
[9/06/11] P1 is out
[9/01/11] Steve will have office hours Fri 09/02/11 noon-4pm and Wed 09/07/11 from noon-2pm.  He will NOT have office hours on Mon 09/05/11.
[09/01/11] Students added to Piazza via Testudo emails (unless already joined).  Please doublecheck that you were added properly.
[08/31/11] This course was added late to the system, there is still room to enroll in this class.

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the field of artificial intelligence. Topics include knowledge representation, reasoning and learning. Emphasis will be on algorithms for search, inference, constraint satisfaction and optimization.

Time and Place

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm - 4:45pm, CSIC 1122


Lise Getoor, AVW 3135, getoor AT,
office hours: Tue 1-2:30pm and by appointment

Teaching Assistants

Stephen Bach, AVW 3228, bach AT

Jay Pujara, AVW 3228, jay AT

Office Hours: Mon and Wed 12:30-2pm and by appointment

Mailing List, Forum and Grades

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Course Discussion Forum: we will be using Piazza




This course is based on material from a variety of sources, in particular Dan Klein's cs188 course at UC Berkeley.   Thanks Dan!