Programming via the Web -- Fall 2012


11/22/12   Final Exam Info:
  • Instructor Pedram Sadeghian:
    • Section 0101 (Lecture at 1:00)
      Final Exam: Friday 12/14/12, 1:30 to 3:30 in room CSI 3117
  • Instructor Fawzi Emad:
    • Section 0201 (Lecture at 2:00)
      Final Exam: Monday 12/17/12, 1:30 to 3:30 in room CSI 3117
    • Section 0301 (Lecture at 3:00)
      Final Exam: Saturday 12/15/12, 1:30 to 3:30 in room CSI 3117

11/07/12   Project #5 has been posted!

11/02/12   Some additional practice problems about arrays can be found here.

10/30/12   Midterm #2 has been moved to Friday 11/16.

10/28/12   Campus is closed on Monday because of the storm, so the quiz that was scheduled for Monday will be given on Wednesday 10/31 instead.

10/23/12   Project #4 has been posted. This project will require a significant amount of time so be sure to start right away.

10/21/12   The research paper assignment has been posted. Please click the Assignments option from the menu above.

10/21/12   Quiz #4 has been moved to Monday 10/29.

10/21/12   If you own a laptop, please bring it to class with you on Wednesday, 10/24.

10/10/12   Project #3 has been posted.

09/25/12   Project #2 has been posted! This project will take some time, so please start right away.

09/19/12   We will be having a quiz on Monday 9/24. (The quiz was originally announced as being on Friday, but we moved it to Monday.)

09/13/12   Project #1 has been posted. To see the project description, click the "Assignments" link in the menu above.

09/11/12   If you own a laptop, please bring it to class with you on Wednesday.

09/08/12   The HTML coding examples from Friday's class have been posted on the webpage. (Click the Lectures link and you'll find them.) We will continue to post the examples in this way as we go along.

09/05/12   If you own a laptop, please bring it to class with you on Friday. We will be doing a "practice exercise" together.

09/05/12   There will be a quiz on Friday.

08/22/12   The first day of class is Wednesday 8/29 -- don't miss it!

08/22/12   Welcome to CMSC 122. Be sure to check this page frequently for important class announcments.

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