CMSC 132H -- Object Oriented Programming II

Section 0101 -- Fall 2012

Fear the Turtle! turtle


12/03/12   Just posted the ninth Project called Graph Crawler.

11/29/12   Just posted the eighth Project called Webcrawler.

11/05/12   Just posted the seventh Project called Huffman Trees.

10/31/12   Just posted the sixth Project called Binary Search Tree.

10/22/12   Just posted the fifth Project called Dense Bag.

10/03/12   Just posted the fourth Project called Hash Table.

09/19/12   Just posted the third Project called Interest Calculator.

09/07/12   Just posted the second Project called Clear Cell.

09/07/12   Please note that the grading rubric has been fixed per our discussion for Minimum Snippet.

08/25/12   All CMSC132H students are required to attend the discussion session in which they are officially registered. The course is quite full and so there is no room to accommodate people who are not on the official roster for each class session.

08/25/12   Welcome to CMSC 132H. We will have our first labs (discussions) and lectures on Wednesday, August 29. See you there. Important announcements will appear here -- most recent announcements will appear at the top. Be sure to look every day.

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