CMSC 420, Section 0101 - Data Structures

Fall 2012


13 Dec 2012
-------------------- CMSC420 Final Exam Topics --------------------
1. LISP (chapter 2 in Notes on Data Structures)
2. Storage Allocation (chapter 3 in Notes on Data Structures)
3. Hashing (chapter 6 in Notes on Data Structures)
4. Hierarchical Point Data (slides labeled hp on class web site)
5. Range Trees and Priority Search Trees (chapter 7 in Notes on Data Structures)
6. Incremental Nearest Neighbor (pp. 490-501 in Foundations book)
7. R-trees (relevant slides at rc13 and rc15 in rectangle data slides)
8. Line Representations such as PM quadtrees (section in the Foundations book which is on pages 365-369 and section in the Foundations book which is on pages 374-377)
11 Dec 2012
Answer of LISP project 1 has been posted in /afs/glue/class/fall2012/cmsc/420/0101/public/5.
31 Nov 2012
Assignment 5, NUMBER MX, have been posted. Due time is Dec. 6th, Thursday.
29 Nov 2012
Quadtree Project Reports have been finished. If you want to know your quadtree report, send email to TA.
20 Nov 2012
Lisp Project 3 has been posted. Due time is the last day of class which is Dec. 11th. There is NO hashing project.
Remember:all functions in lisp project should be recursive.
14 Nov 2012
The example of the graph in the lisp project 2 should be changed. The D node in the result should be connected to B instead of E. So it should be (B D 8) instead of (E D 8).
13 Nov 2012
Due time of Tuesday Homework is Nov. 15th. Please hand in the hard copy. The homework is exercises 34 and 36 in section 2.3 of the Book "Notes on Data Structures".
09 Nov 2012
Lisp Project 2 has been posted. Due time is Nov. 22th.
08 Nov 2012
Test data for quadtree part-4 has been posted in /afs/glue/class/fall2012/cmsc/420/0101/public/4.
07 Nov 2012
Sample input of Lisp project 1 has been changed. The command of nodups and multiplicity expects an s-expression.
01 Nov 2012
Remember that there is NO CMSC 420 class on Thursday, November 8. Also, there is an extra makeup class on Tuesday, November 13 at 5PM. There is also a class on Tuesday, November 13, at 2PM.
For the class on Tuesday, November 6, please read the chapters in Notes on Data Structures on "Garbage Collection" and "Dynamic Storage Allocation"
31 Oct 2012
I posted the statistics for score here
25 Oct 2012
Since I have an exam today, sorry for that I need to change the office hour 1:00-2:00pm today to 3:30-5:00pm today. If someone wants to find me and isn't available during 3:30-5:00pm today, just email me. Thanks.
24 Oct 2012
LISP Project 1 has been posted. Due time is Nov. 06th.
20 Oct 2012
LISP Warmup has been posted. Due time is Oct 25th.
16 Oct 2012
The topics that will be covered in Midterm Exam are here
16 Oct 2012
Test data for quadtree part-3 has been posted in /afs/glue/class/fall2012/cmsc/420/0101/public/3.
11 Oct 2012
Lisp Written Assigment 1 and 2 has been posted.
05 Oct 2012
Grading for Quadtree-project: there are 80 points in total: 10 points for part-1, 10 points for part-2, 30 points for part-3, and 30 points for part-4. Grading on Part-3 and part-4 is based on the operations you implemented. There is a "x points" before each operation paragraph in quadcif.pdf. "x" is the points for this operation in final score. After test data, I will review your codes. If you just use brute-force algorithm and get the correct answer, you may get 30% points on this function.
Penalty for late submission: delete 1 point for each day delay.
03 Oct 2012
The test data of Quadtree part-2 has been posted on public files of grace. You can find it in this address: /afs/glue/class/fall2012/cmsc/420/0101/public/2.
The score of part-2 among 10 points is based on your result and your code.
If you have any questions about your result, please email to me soon. I only tested your last submission even if you submitted several times. Part-2 is easy, but some of you are careless. There are many minor errors in your programs. Luckily, the result of part-2 has little influence on the final score of Quadtree project. So just pay more attention to part-3 and part-4. Bests!
02 Oct 2012
Midterm-Exam date has been posted here
Assignment 4 (searching) has been posted. Due time is next Thursday, Oct 11th, 2012.
30 Sep 2012
Quadtree Project part 4 and part 5 has been posted. Due time is Oct 13th, 2012. If you plan to do the optional part 5, due time is the same with part 4.
26 Sep 2012
Assigment 3 (sorting) has been posted. Due time is next Tuesday, Oct 2nd.
25 Sep 2012
Remembere each rectangle is that the lower and left boundaries are closed, and upper and right boundaries are open. In order to test it, I posted a new sample_3 in webpage.
24 Sep 2012
Testing & Submisstion Instructions has been posted on here. Please pay attention on the Makefile code. You should follow this testing & instruction in part 3 and part 4 (do not need to change anything in part 2).
Drawing: when you ssh to "/afs/glue/class/fall2012/cmsc/420/0101/public", run command "./drawing/showquad sample2.out", you will see the result. But first, you need to set up X forwarding in your SSH client. A simple way is that: "ssh -X"
13 Sep 2012
Homework assignment 2 has been posted. It is due on Thu, 20 Sep 2012.
The quadtree project: Part 3 is due on Thu, 27 Sep 2012.
Quadtree Drawing Routines has been posted.
Please inform me if you notice any errors.
12 Sep 2012
Because I have a meeting, the office hours change to 4:00pm to 5:00pm just tomorrow. Sorry about that. I will extend the office hours tomorrow.
11 Sep 2012
Please print and hand in your Homework 1 on Thursday, Sep 13. And submit the Quadtree part2 to GRACE system.
10 Sep 2012
The samples input/output of Quadtree project part2 have been fixed. The operation(1) in Quadcif, command INIT_QUADTREE(WIDTH,P), change to INIT_QUADTREE(WIDTH). Just ignore the parameter P. The order of commands is always consistent with project description, Quadcif.
05 Sep 2012
Added some instructions on how to submit your work ,Project Part2, using the GRACE cluster. See Class Accounts under Course Info, and forum
04 Sep 2012
MESSAGE TO CMSC 420 Students Section 0101
Please go to the Engineering Copy Center and get the book "Notes on Data Structures". For some strange reason they filed it as ENEE 420 even though the right course number is on the book/notes.
So, please ask them for CMSC 420 or ENEE 420 with the title of "Notes on Data Structures" by Hanan Samet.
Thanks. Hanan Samet
03 Sep 2012
There is a note about the format of the data structure of Quad-Tree Part 1 that is being handed in on Thursday. See the forum
30 Aug 2012
The class forum is up at this address. A few rules:
Solve the problem about how to load the MX-CIF quadtree demo. See the forum.
29 Aug 2012
The quadtree project: Part 1 is due on Thu, 6 Sep 2012, and Part 2 is due on Thu, 13 Sep 2012.
Homework assignment 1 has been posted. It is due on Thu, 13 Sep 2012.
29 Aug 2012
The quadtree project description has been posted.
The deadline of Part 1 will notice soon. You may better read the description first.
29 Aug 2012
Syllabus and all lecture slides posted.
29 Aug 2012
Course Info:
Office hours posted.
28 Aug 2012
Web page created.

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