CMSC 132H -- Object Oriented Programming II

Section 0101 -- Fall 2013

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09/02/13 Welcome to CMSC 132H
(Note: This is the Honors course. Students looking for other sections should use the latest links found on the Class Web Pages.)

25 November 2013: Upon your return from the Thanksgiving break, you will find Project 8 posted and ready for you to begin work. Note: I exchanged Project 7 for Project 8 because it's more important that you have some experience with graphs and graph traversal than with Threads at this time. We will, very likely, convert the Threads project, which was Project 7, either into a Lab or we will supplant it with some entirely different (at least on its surface).

17 November 2013: Project 6, where you will implement a Grade Book (sort of), is now available to you.

12 November 2013: Your TA is planning on hosting a Review Session for Midterm 2 tomorrow evening, at 8:30PM, in Room AV Williams 3258.

12 November 2013: In case anyone's done with Project 5 (Binary Search Trees); I've posted Project 6 per schedule.

6 November 2013: Owing to the Directory problems this week, I've pushed both mini-labs a few days.

4 November 2013: Two small labs for you this week (and possibly continuing into the next ...). One is a continuation of the Functional Lists lab. The client was so happy that she's requested some additional functionality. The other is a small lab that has you implement a Concordance, just as we'd discussed in last Thursday's class.

31 October 2013: Owing to the mixup on in the Description for Project 5, I've changed the due date to 15 November, as it was originally noted on the assignment. Please note: this assignment requires a written (document) as well as code implementation.

25 October 2013: Having made great progress yesterday, I've posted Project 5 (Binary Trees) earlier than planned so that you might get an early start!

18 October 2013: Posted a link to yesterday's sample code that implements a trivial singly-linked list along with some methods.

13 October 2013: Just posted Project 4 in which you will implement a Linked List. I advise starting early!

29 September 2013: Note that Midterm 1 has been moved to Thursday 10 October. Tuesday 8 October will be a Lab day in your discussion session.

23 September 2013: Project 3 will not require interaction with the Submit Server, but will require some attention to detail. Rather than waiting until Thursday, students who have completed Project 2 should begin work on Project 3 as soon as today, if they wish.

18 September 2013: If you navigate to the Lecture Schedule page, you will notice that the Quiz entries in the rightmost columns now have living links. Clicking on these will take you to the corresponding Review Sheet for that quiz.

16 September 2013: Project 2 is posted and ready for you to begin. Please navigate to the Projects page and follow the link to access the documentation for this project.

12 September 2013: Just posted a new link on the Resources page that presents an Eclipse Tutorial. Highly recommended for those having questions and/or problems with Eclipse.

We will have our first meeting on Tuesday 3 September 2013, in room CSI 2118. Class begins at 3:30pm, and I hope to see you there.

Note: because our Discussion section is scheduled to meet before our normal class time, your first Discussion session will occur on Thursday 5 September in CSI 2118.

Important announcements will appear here -- most recent announcements and information about projects will appear at the top. Be sure to check this page on a regular basis.

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